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Oracle Service Cloud to EBS

Customers want answers fast. No matter where they are or what device they use. Oracle Service Cloud provides a complete service solution across both assisted and self-service channels.
AgilCommerce team is niche partner with Oracle Service Cloud and E-Business Suite skills to seamlessly integrate. Effectively guide agents to resolution through knowledge, scripts, and workflows to ensure productivity and consistency. Our team has written EBS Accelerators so Service Cloud customers can look up EBS order history, set up returns with replacement flow, and complete order process.

Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX migration

Oracle APEX can be used to deliver solutions to real business problems and provide immediate value to the organization. Oracle APEX is an ideal tool to deliver net new requirements, mobile-first apps, and external-facing apps.
Oracle APEX is the clear platform of choice for easily transitioning Oracle Forms applications  to modern web apps. The same stored procedures and PLSQL packages work natively in APEX. Oracle APEX includes an integrated suite of apps that provide point solutions and demonstrate key functionality.