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Oracle iStore

AgilCommerce is recognized by Oracle iStore Product Management as “Go to Partner.” We work directly with Oracle Sales Consultants in Sales Cycles to demo why iStore is good fit for EBS customers. iStore continues on Oracle Price List as On-Prem Commerce solution for EBS customers in 2021. Our team has delivered more iStore projects over the past 7 years than any other partner. Our team has spoken at Oracle Open World and Collaborate showcasing value of iStore by extending EBS to process ecommerce orders via the Web.

If you’re planning an Oracle Upgrade project, have new business requirements, or looking to integrate newer eCommerce platform to e-Business Suite, our iStore Practice Lead has 15 years experience with iStore. We’ve helped Oracle customers integrate Magento, Microsoft CMS, or eCommerce platforms to EBS via iStore. We continue to extend the life of iStore by upgrading or updating Customer Experience as continues to be fully integrated solution through Oracle EBS 2030 Roadmap.

New for 2020: Oracle iStore Enhanced Product Search

Oracle iStore Enhanced Product Search feature provides users with a robust search tool to supplement the existing Basic and Advanced search functionality in iStore.  It enables users to search on customer part number, cross reference part number and locate products easily with autosuggested searches.  Oracle iStore users can also filter by price and price ranges, perform product comparisons to highlight product differences, and export search results.  It also provides sophisticated guided navigation to product information, thus enabling shoppers to hone-in-on the best pricing and the right products to purchase. Lastly, it reduces the number of abandoned carts by eliminating user frustration when browsing or searching for products.

Oracle iStore Enhanced Product Search feature is available at no additional cost to licensed users of Oracle iStore. It can be applied to Release 12.2.4 and above.